This years MECA Holiday Sale went very well. I showed a new line of work and my asymmetrical earrings. I saw a lot of my regular customers and met some new ones as well.  Thank you all for coming out and supporting me and the Holiday Sale.

That's it for me for holiday events. I have restocked work at the Hole in the Wall in Raymond Maine. It's not too late to get gifts. We are open Monday thru Saturday 10:00 to 5:30 and Sunday 10:30 to 5:00. 207-655-4952 

Happy Holidays!


Two inches of snow so far.

We received two inches of snow on Monday the 13th, wow.  There is still a little bit left on the ground, here and there, in the woods...  It seems the year has flown by and Winter is upon us again.  That means I've been busy in my studio gearing up for the Holiday Open House at the Hole in the Wall and for the Holiday Sale at MECA.  More info on both in the WHAT'S UP section of this website.

I've been working on some new pieces (colors and shapes) as well as some favorites to show off this year.

Happy weather to you.




Yes, it is that time of year again, already!  I've been happily busy in my studio getting ready for the holidays.  I have made more asymmetrical earring and some brand new pendant sets.  I'll be featuring this work at the MECA (Maine College of Art) Holiday Sale the first weekend of December (see details under WHAT'S UP on this site). After that I will have the work at the Hole in the Wall Studioworks in Raymond, Maine.

More to come here, back to the studio for now...

Thank you all for a great Holiday Sale at MECA this past Friday and Saturday.  It was so nice to catch up with old friends, colleagues, and customers, and meet new ones as well. Asymmetrical earrings were the big hit again this year.  So happy to have more of those earrings out there in the world.  Also, had a good response to my enameled wall art.  Very encouraging.

Now you can find my jewelry and wall art at the Hole in the Wall Studioworks in Raymond Maine.


Day two of the MECA Holiday Sale is about to begin...  Friday night was exciting; good fun, old friends and a great response for my jewelry and my especially my new enamel "paintings".

If you miss the Holiday Sale this year, or want to see anything again, all my work will be at the HOLE in the WALL in Raymond by late afternoon on Sunday 12/6.

I hope to post some new photos soon... stay tuned.

Happy Winter

A Warm Winter

Maybe, maybe not.  If you don't like the weather, wait a minute.

It's supposed to be a nice weekend.  It would be a good time to get out of the house and head to the Maine College of Art's Holiday Sale.  That's where I'll be.  Information is in my WHAT's UP section.  After that I'll be busy at the HOLE in the WALL STUDIOWORKS in Raymond.

More to come... I have to get ready for Winter.

Time to make the earrings

After showing asymmetrical earrings for the past four or so years people are now responding well to them.  They made up the majority of my sales this past weekend at the MECA Holiday Sale.  Now I guess it's time to restock.  That's okay, I love making them. 

Shows and specials events are over for me and all my work is available at the Hole in the Wall Studioworks in Raymond, Maine (home).



Is it Winter already?

Yes, it is Winter.  Maybe not officially, but it's starting to look and feel like it.  And it is also holiday craft show season again.  This year I took a break from doing craft shows, with one exception, I will be set up at the Meca Holiday Sale this weekend.  As always, it takes place on First Friday from 5-9 and Saturday from 10 to 5.  I'm excited to show off a few new pieces including some wall art in enamel.  I enjoy the old home days feel of being among my fellow alumni, staff and students of the school.  And it's a pretty cool show full of all kinds of interesting goods.  It's one not to miss, and you'll want to see what I'm up to.