My family has a history of working with vitreous enamel. 


My father created his own line of original vitreous enamel jewelry which he first sold at shows, galleries, and later in my parents gallery. 


After graduating from the Portland School of Art (Maine College of Art) I focused on making my own studio jewelry which I sold through various galleries across the country. I hand fabricated my jewelry of silver, copper and pearls. I was a Niche Award winner in 2000 and a finalist in 1999 for examples this work. At that time, I was not using color in my jewelry.


I took a break from making jewelry and began to paint. Starting with oil pastel, then encaustic, and presently in acrylic. The process of painting has given me a new interest and appreciation for color.  


Having come full circle, I now make use of my father’s studio where I create both jewelry and paintings in vitreous enamel.